To join "Stories to Change the World" on JUNE 21

International Storytelling Network brings you this invitation to join our celebration: "Stories to Change the World" on June 21, 2011, and thereafter, on June 21 each year.

We held to celebrate the birth of the International Storytelling Network and to disseminate and enhance the art storytelling with the theme "Stories to change the world", on June 21. We held this idea in the last International Storytellers Symposium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2010.

The proposal is to invite and call upon all people who want to join in this celebration: Storytellers, librarians, teachers, parents, grandparents, young people and all those interested in telling stories in different locations that day: schools, libraries, schools, family homes, parks, cultural centers, theaters.

We will seek, among everyone, telling stories to create a new reality, and begin to feel that we are building a better world through the words and stories.
If you tell stories on June 21, send us an e-mail telling us where it will be. We´ll hang the information on the website of Stories to Change the World.

If you do not speak Spanish, it does not matter: all the pages on our website have a Google translator tool in eleven languages: English, Arabic, German, French, Italian, Greek, Hindi, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish.


• Name and surname of the person who tells stories.
• Name of the place where you will tell stories (venue, street, city and country).
• What time will the performance take place.
Also you can send us a photo of the act on June 21, or a youtube link about your intervention. We´ll also hang it on the website.


Thank you for joining this proposal!

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