Singapore International Storytelling Festival 2012

Once again, this will be a unique gathering to explore the many manifestations of storytelling, stretching from its simplest application in the nursery right through to cultivating community togetherness, resolving conflicts, strengthening communication in the business sphere, and of course as an aid to learning in education. And this year, we are returning bigger, bolder and brighter!
1-5 September 2012. The Arts House.

Diane Wolkstein & Jeff Greene
Eddin Khoo
Peter Chand
Joe Harawira
Made Taro
Shinoharu Tatekawa
Rajashree Tope

Mdm Lee Swee Har &
Chan Wai Han
Kamini Ramachandran
Kiran Shah
Rosemarie Somaiah
Verena Tay
Sheila Wee
Storytelling Association (Singapore)

More information here.

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