"Stories to Change the World" June 21, 2013.

We would like to count on you to join us in participating in the annual celebration "Stories to Change the World", to be held, as every year, on June 21, 2013.

Last year, 2012, over 350 storytellers from 30 countries on five continents participated, nearly 15% more than in the first celebration held in 2011. You can tell in schools, theaters, cultural centers, street corners, universities, buses, oil platforms, ships, dormitories, train stations, or pubs. Any site is suitable for storytelling. Any time is a proper time for fighting against inequality, injustice, racism and ignorance. That is the meaning, the message and the objective of "Stories to Change the World". And that's what we are counting on you for.

When you know the venue, the city, the country, the people who are telling stories, the time and date (even better if it's June 21), send us the information at red@cuentacuentos.eu and we will post it on the blog www.historiasparacambiarelmundo.blogspot.com . If you also send us a photo, even better. We´ll post it on the blog too.

Together we can make a better world by telling stories. No one can stop us trying. We just have to get the word engine running. Get a hug full of tales and stories,

International Storytelling Network (RIC) 
Red Internacional de Cuentacuentos




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